Support The Gift House
The Gift House is a registered 501c3 organization.  We also rely on your donations to provide our programs and services.  All donations are tax deductible (cash, items or services).   On items, check, or service donations, The Gift House will provide a letter of acknowledgement to be used on your tax return. Thanks for your help!

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HIV Counseling & Testing
Get tested! No blood draw is required: only a cheek swab.  If you prefer blood test we also can provide it.

 Syphilis Test
Blood draw is required.

 Urine test for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia
Urine sample for these Sexually Transmitted Infections.

 Hepatitis C
Viral Hepatitis education and testing done finger stick to get a blood sample.

5-Panel Drug test

Pregnancy test

Volunteer & Intership Opportunities

The best way to find out about upcoming volunteer and training opportunities is by joining the mailing list. To joint the mailing list, send an email to Rosanna Jackson.

For Individuals:
Get-Ready nights:
We hold Get-Ready nights sessions the second Wednesday of the month, 6-8 pm. We prepare sex kits, and talk about sexually transmitted infections. No previous experience is required.

Volunteering at the Agency:
There are volunteer opportunities to assist on special events at The Gift House. These events are held every month. Also, we welcome HIV test counselors if they are already fully certified. To register, please send your info and availability via e-mail to Rosanna Jackson.

Volunteering for the Gift House Magazine:
Come and help in the publishing of our monthly magazine “Angel”. If you are interested to publish any article related to health or community issues, interview residents, or help in the actual printing of our magazine, etc., send an e-mail to Bruce Jackson.

For Groups:
We welcome groups of up to five to volunteer for one-half or one full day. Opportunities include facility maintenance, landscaping, general paper work, writing articles, organizing fundraisers, community events, etc. For more information, please contact Rosanna Jackson or Bruce Jackson.

In addition, we have internship opportunities in which a person volunteers one or two full days per week.

Outreach Intern:
This intern does everything the outreach workers do: outreach, data entry, rehab/detox referral, HIV testing (if you are certified), and syringe exchange. Interns can be graduate or undergraduate students. For more information, please contact Bruce Jackson or Rosanna Jackson.

Case Management and Treatment Adherence:
This internship is designed primarily for graduate and undergraduate students of social work. Interns will work closely with clients to ensure that clients receive wrap around services and help coordinate their care. For more information, please e-mail Rosanna Jackson.

Publishing your articles:
This internship is for graduate and undergraduate students of any discipline of health and/or community. Interns will submit their articles related to health or community issues to be published in our monthly magazine “Angel”. For more information send an e-mail to Bruce Jackson.