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The Gift House is a registered 501c3 organization.  We also rely on your donations to provide our programs and services.  All donations are tax deductible (cash, items or services).   On items, check, or service donations, The Gift House will provide a letter of acknowledgement to be used on your tax return. Thanks for your help!

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Photo Gallery

After School Matters Student Work

The Gift House presents Angel View "Natural Healing"

The Gift House presents Alexia Get Tested!!

The Gift House-Saving Lives-Part 3

The Gift House-Saving Lives-Part 2

The Gift House-Saving Lives-Part 1

The Gift House and Gretta Chamberlain, Dancing Program for Life

The Gift House and Diasporal Rythms Art Collectors Home Tour

The Gift House and Geovax HIV  Vaccine

The Gift House & Murphy-Hill Art Gallery (Part 1)

The Gift House & Murphy-Hill Art Gallery (Part 2)

The Gift House & Murphy-Hill Art Gallery (Part 3)