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After School Matters Student Work

The Gift House presents Angel View "Natural Healing"

The Gift House presents Alexia Get Tested!!

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The Gift House & Murphy-Hill Art Gallery (Part 1)

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Health Empowerment Class,October 30, 2010, 3:00pm
October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We invite breast cancer survivors who are willing to share their exceptional stories and the community in general to this Health Empowerment Class. This commemoration will encompass education, sharing stories, entertainment, music, and surprises You also can come and get tested for HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


The Gift House Photo Gallery
In this section of our website, You are going to find a photo gallery where we hope You will find plenty of fine and interesting photos. Finally, we would like to invite You to keep visiting our website, as well as this photo gallery, as we are constantly working on upgrading and updating its contents. We appreciate your visit and remember…….. Get Tested!!

After School Matters Student Work
In the beginning of this year, we received a phone call from Ms. Sarah Robinson. Well, you may say who is Ms. Sarah Robinson? Ms. Sarah Robinson is a teacher for the “After School Matters” program in Epic Academy. Epic Academy is a Charter High School located at 8255 S. Houston in Chicago.

Ms. Robinson contacted us offering to re-design The Gift House’s web site, as a project for the 15 students of the After School Matters Program. We accepted. It’s being a wonderful journey where we talk back and forth about the details of the new web site.

We applause the After School Matters Program because it accomplish a variety of goals, including meeting children’s needs for safe environments and supervision from caring adults while their parents are working; bolstering academic achievement; providing low- and moderate- income children with enriching activities that prevent risky and self-destructive behaviors; and supporting overall youth development.

We could not imagine the degree of creativity and talent of these kids. They came up with so many good ideas, designs, posters, colors, etc. that to make a decision wasn’t an easy task.

Finally, we got it! And now we are showing their job to the world. This web site is awesome! The Gift House wanted to have a space in our web-site and showcase their work and photos of the gathering with these talented students. We also want to thanks Mr. Matthew King, Principal of Epic Academy, their staff, the parents and of course, Ms. Sarah Robinson who taught, encourage and guided the students to this happy ending.

Excellent Job!!!!

(Anissa Ortiz, Alexis Figueroa, Ashley Wyatt, Krystal Velazquez, Paul Sheridan, Andreas Rosa, Ruby Diaz, Taylor Lowe, Lashonda Polk, Eduardo Rodriguez, Angel Rodriguez, Bradley Richie Sutton, Giovanny Balderas, Nathan Cortez)